Get Emotional Reset Now

Get Emotional Reset Now

Reboot, Recharge, and Reset Your Emotional Operating System in Just 10 Days.

A No-BS Playbook To Navigate Your Emotional Conflicts- 

So You Never Have To Sacrifice Your Own Needs To Please Others.

For all the badass mamas & high-achieving queens who want to do-it-all….

I get it. At this moment, you are exhausted.

Exhausted of all those other negative feelings that seem to be lurking around every corner, just waiting to pounce.

You're giving everything you've got to be the best mom you can be, but right now you feel like you are a massive failure!

You’ve tried everything to cope- meditation, journaling, self-help books, asking for support…

But none of them gave you what you wanted - LONG LASTING RESULTS!

And this is why…

Without addressing the hidden triggers and traumas, these techniques may provide momentary catharsis without offering a sustainable path toward emotional healing.

It's when you address the hidden triggers, confront suppressed traumas, and embark on a journey of self-discovery that you can experience true emotional transformation.

Here's the thing – these emotions are normal, but they don't have to control your life.

In fact, they can become a powerful force for positive change if you learn how to manage and channel them effectively. 

Just when you thought being a mother can’t get more challenging, the universe decides to drop another pile of shit.

Some days your kids wake up choosing violence that can make a grown adult want to lock themselves up and cry….

On other days, it’s saying NO to their simple requests like attending a school event- because Mama has a meeting to get to!

You want to be a wonderful mom. A goal-getting boss-bi*ch. An outstanding employee. A great partner. But somehow, none of those seem to be coming true anytime soon.

You find yourself blaming your decisions, comparing yourself to all the other “perfect moms” at school who seem to “have it all”.

Frustration, guilt, and shame seem to be the only emotions that you experience these days.

You lay awake at night thinking about how your mental chaos will negatively impact your kid's emotional well-being and development.

You worry that your outbursts and lack of emotional control may set a poor example for your kids, potentially leading them to experience similar challenges in managing their emotions as they grow older.

And suddenly it feels like everything is slipping away from you….your kids, your work-life balance, your relationships, and your health.

Why Nothing Worked…
Until NOW!

That's where I come in. I've spent years studying the human mind and what makes us tick, and I've discovered some incredible strategies for turning negative emotions into unstoppable success.

Imagine a life where you no longer feel overwhelmed by guilt, anger, or shame.

Imagine your loved ones appreciating you with words like…

"Your emotional intelligence has transformed our relationship. Thank you for being my rock and guiding us through challenges with love and understanding."

"You bring a sense of calm and stability to our family. We admire your resilience and how you handle pressure with grace."

And when your kids go - "Mom, you're my role model. I admire how you handle your emotions and always make time for us. You're the best!"


"Mom, you're not just my mother; you're my confidante. I appreciate how you listen and understand without judgment. You're amazing!"

No, this isn’t a far-fetched dream.

It will happen when you're able to use those negative emotions to fuel your growth as a person, a professional, and – most importantly – a mom.

That's the kind of transformation I want to help you achieve, and it starts by acknowledging that there's a problem.

Turn Negative Emotions Into Unstoppable Success

And here is the big reveal, you can go through these 5 stages in just 10 days.

So if you're ready to leave the guilt, anger, and shame behind and become the Super-Mom you were always meant to be, join me in this transformative journey. Together, we'll tackle the emotional challenges head-on and create a brighter, happier future for you and your family.

This is probably my favorite. Emotions cook and corrupt our minds. If we channel them to our physical vessel of your bodies. They have a way to be expressed in the physical world. They can’t corrupt our minds then. 

Stage 5: Integration

90% of our behaviors are autopilot. 100% of our emotions are autopilot. What if you can switch from autopilot to becoming the driver? Would we regulate better, would we channel better? You bet we would. Finding that awareness so our emotions go from autopilot to in our control. 

Stage 4: Awareness

You are an infinite being. But the universe had to play its trick. So it gave you a finite physical container. A finite emotional capacity. The secret that no one told you though, that finite emotional capacity has a secret value that expands with practice. Find the valve and that capacity expands beyond measure. 

Stage 3: Capacity

You are not always like this. You are not this person that is an emotional mess. You get triggered into it. It’s because of people (I know you know who those are) or events. Here we find, navigate or eliminate these emotional vampires. A good old hard conversation or clean up. 

Stage 2: Environment

This is where you find the source of your emotions. Why is it that these extreme emotions like rage, jealousy, rejection, mistrust are showing up in your life? What are they here to show you? How to channel all of that past emotional debt into today’s powerhouse?

Stage 1: Discovery

We are moms. We are the emotional punching bags, the caretakers, the breadwinners, and the sexy ones. Until we take care of business, we know the business is not taken care of.

We need to be all and do all and we got no time to beat around the bush.

Like you, I never had the time to take months or even days away on silent retreats and goddess immersions. I need to be good now. My family is at stake.

This is why I had to develop something for myself first, and then I had to develop it for my clients.

Believe me love, there are only 5 stages of us going from a total mess to a messenger of calm, comfort, and joy…

From A Total Mess To A Messenger Of Calm

Day 9 and 10 are all about embodying these emotions. These guided experiences will give a real practice that will help in your day to day emotional releases and navigations.

The final exercise is for you to have a clear way forward. The key to long term success is to have an effective playbook for the future. You will get that playbook here.

Part 3:
Embodiment and The Future

Part 2:
Capacity and Awareness

This is day 5 through 8, these are the days where you learn more about your emotional capacity, how to expand it and how to be more aware of the 5 core negative emotions that may be ruling your life.

Each day is accompanied by a practical exercise you can do that day that will not only intellectually understand, but be able to regulate and release.

This is day 1 through 4, these are days where you are building an understanding of why and what ishappening around you. What is causing you to be an emotional mess and not live your truest self.

You will also learn practical tools like bounce factor,forgiveness and negative stress.

Part 1:
Discovery and Environment

Understand, Navigate, Regulate and Channel Your Emotional Energy to Live a Life of Joy, Calm and Empowerment.

10-Day Emotional Reset

10-Day Emotional 




Experience overall improvements in mental well-being, leading to greater confidence, reduced stress, and increased fulfillment in your personal and professional life as a working mom.

Create a personalized embodiment practice to help you reset and recharge when faced with daily triggers, boosting your emotional resilience.

Cultivate self-awareness, learning to recognize when you're blaming others for your emotions and taking responsibility for your own emotional well-being.

Discover your emotional vices and develop practices to cope with them in healthier ways, reducing reliance on negative coping mechanisms.

Enhance your emotional capacity by exploring which emotions you're comfortable expressing and those that challenge you, ultimately promoting personal growth.

Develop effective communication skills, enabling you to have difficult conversations without absorbing other people's emotions or reactions, and fostering better relationships.

Learn strategies for managing negative stress and eliminating toxic influences from your environment, leading to a healthier, more balanced life.

Make peace with your past experiences, allowing you to let go of guilt, shame, and anger, and move forward with a more positive mindset.

Gain a deeper understanding of how your upbringing influences your emotions and reactions, helping you recognize patterns and habits that may be holding you back.

In Just 10-days you will…

Hi, I’m Neeta!

On the outside, I look like I have it all.

Multiple successful businesses…
Mom to the two most perfect kids in the world…
And a husband I am grateful for every freaking day.

But this didn’t happen overnight. When I had my first child, I hit rock bottom after suffering from terrible post-partum depression.

This made me confront a lot of emotions that I wasn’t comfortable it.

I wasn’t okay with my anger, so I suppressed it. And it wasn’t even the first time I did that! I have been suppressing it for so many years since having gone through the loss of both my parents and my brother before I was 19.

Well, why did I do that? Why was I so good at self-sabotaging myself?

Because anger and rage weren’t welcome in the house I grew up in. I had to be the good girl. The perfectionist. It made me believe that having toxic positivity would solve everything.

Until it didn’t.

It only led to me exploding in my close relationships, with my family….all because no one ever taught me how to deal with my rage or even sadness for that matter.

I might have missed an introduction

I got



I was the naive woman who thought joy was the solution to everything and what I actually found was…. feeling joy and experiencing grief don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

And unlike me, I don’t want you to wait until you see your two-year-old crying….. before you decide to repair your emotional chaos.

For me, it was when I started doing the same things with my son that my parents did to me…like yelling at him and saying- “Why are you crying? I will give you something to cry about!”

That moment made me take a step back, heal and fully grieve while embracing all the emotions- both good and bad.

And this is exactly what I will be teaching you in the next 10 days.

You will have A-Z clarity on how you can release the pressure valve every single day and allow yourself moments of little screaming, and crying, all without being judgemental and shameful about yourself.

“Neeta has been through life & has come on the other side with a well-rounded perspective on overcoming grief, loss, and hardships that’s sensitive to the human experience while encouraging you to find your strength and the magic in the mess. She is one you should be learning from.”

“She is one you should be learning from”

-Melissa Ambrosini
 - Bestselling Author and host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show 

“Her work, from her books to her courses, is everything that has shifted my relationship with my emotions, how I have seen my own upbringing being a daughter in a traditional Latina family and I’ve found so much inner peace & inner strength that I’ve lost over 70 pounds and dramatically changed every part of my life as a result. I am forever grateful. Do yourself a favor, you will not regret”

“I’ve found so much inner peace & inner strength”

- Annette Padilla-Cruz,
Certified Coach 

“The way Dr. Neeta presents her information from a place of having been there, from her lived experience, and puts it all together in a mini-course to give us the tools to reclaim the power in feeling our emotions, & not being ashamed of them is the greatest gift. I’ve felt SO liberated, I’m much more able to communicate better with friends & family and I’m a much better person today because of her. Thank you SO much.”

“I’m a much better person today because of her”

- Dena Marie Hooper,
Forever Student 

“Neeta doesn't create frameworks that work. She has truly lived it. She’s living proof of what it means to go through the darkness and fully transform & thrive on the other side.”

“She has truly lived it”

- Dr. Jen Fraboni,
CEO/Founder of Jen Health and co-host of The Optimal Body Podcast

You have a wonderful life of knowing you are enough. That you love fully and express passionately.

You have so much more love for yourself. You truly cherish how to express love to yourself and your loved ones

You know and practice how to release resent, anger, frustration, doubt from your life. Your emotional outbursts are better managed and regulated.

After the Reset

You wonder if you are a good mom, a good boss or a good partner. You doubt yourself and succumb to the feeling of not feeling good enough.

In the name of “self love” you binge on netflix, foods that bloat you, and ignoring what really matters to you

You find yourself resentful of your behaviors and emotional outbursts. This becomes a downward spiral you seem to not able to stop

Before the Reset

How Your Life Will Change In The Next 10 Days…

“For anyone who’s first-generation from an immigrant background, Dr. Neeta reminds us that we aren’t defined by our upbringing and can write our own stories to fly forward. She is the ultimate expert when it comes to transforming pain into your power” 

“We aren’t defined by our upbringing and can write our own stories”

–Christine Chang,
Author of “Show Up: Finding Love for Independent Women.”

"Dr. Neeta has an unparalleled ability to offer bite-sized, and easily digestible, examples of how to overcome any challenge. She shares her own lessons with candid vulnerability so you can be empowered to grab the steering wheel and move through roadblocks with ease and grace. She walks her talk and I would follow her anywhere." 

“Grab the steering wheel and move through roadblocks with ease and grace”

–Jenna Phillips Ballard,
 Co-founder of Ascension Leadership Academy, Author of I•▲M Her Now, Proud BoyMom 

“Dr. Neeta is a master of grit and resiliency with grace and has created the powerful and honest approach we all need for taking radical responsibility when life happens to take your power back and move forward now.”

“Created the powerful and honest approach”

- Jessica Caver Lindholm,
 founder To Living Free, best-selling author Spiritually Fabulous.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. Go through the materials for 5 days risk-free from the day you join. This means you can try the 10-Day Emotional Reset completely risk free. Then, you can decide whether to keep the program.

If you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply drop us an email for a quick refund. Join now to test drive the program today.

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For once, choose you. 

You being good, is them doing so much better.

Ask any of them when you next get a chance. 

Love, put yourself first for this one time. Our partner, our kids love us. They would want that for us. They may not have words for it, but they do. They want us to do better. Because when we do, they do better. 

Don’t do that to yourself. We are all guilty of this. We love them so much, we put them first. 

“Oh, come on, why should I invest in myself? Who do I think I am, thinking I'm worth investing in? Maybe instead I should get my kid that toy they want. That will make them happy.”

I know what could be going on in your head right now. 




Self Coaching Exercises so you can coach yourself in those tricky times [Value: $100]

let me get in now!

Investment Right Now $97

Total Value: $347

Order 10-Day Emotional Reset for 50% discount on this page

Guided Meditations for you to tune into anytime, anywhere[Value: $47]

Lifetime Access to the Reset [Value: Priceless]

10-day Complete Emotional Reset [Value: $200]

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