Unveil the Secrets of Your Emotional Type to Transform Your Sucky Moments in under 2 minutes.

Discover Your Emotional Type
During Sucky, Stressful Moments   


Enhance Emotional Wellness. Grow a positive mindset that empowers you to overcome sucky moments.
Improve Relationships. Gain a deep understanding of how your emotional type influences how you communicate. 
Transform Sucky, Stressful Moments into Growth Opportunities. Learn strategies to turn tough situations into chances for growth.
Understand Your Emotional Type. Discover why you react the way you do and unlock the power to navigate challenges with grace.

“Dr. Neeta empowers anyone who has ever felt like a victim to take back control of their life.”

"Dr. Neeta shows you how your heartbreaks, failures, and disappointments can provide beautiful opportunities for transformation:' 

– Daniela Woerner
Host of the Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast 


I’m Neeta!

The book is called "That sucked, now what!". The quirky title got a naughty chuckle with all the lovely TV hosts. 

...And the mama bear in me was not done so recently I wrote a book that got a lot of attention across the media. So much so that it even made a billboard in Times Square (ain't that cool). 

I have spoken, trained, and coached on emotions and how to channel them for over a decade. First as a dentist, then as an investor, speaker, coach, friend, wife, and mother (my fav). 

I'm passionate about making your mental and emotional health a priority because you didn't learn these lessons in school. 

I've helped transition change-makers, high-achievers, and burnt-out professionals pivot into careers they love and create lives where they thrive. 

I'm a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and emotional well-being educator to thousands. 

Discover Your Emotional Type 

Emotional Type 

Discover Your During


Sucky  Moments