Championing Mental Wellbeing + Emotional Health.

Neeta Bhushan champions empathy-based solutions to create a more heart-centered society and humanistic approach to a new era of leadership and development.

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Your blueprint to building extraordinary leaders. The school of life we did not have until now. To finally lead life and redefine your thinking so that you can grow, reveal, innovate, and transform. The new grit.


“Dr. Neeta Bhushan is transforming the next frontier of leadership. Multi-dimensional using connection & abounding promise to shift the dialogue of human potential. Inspiring millions to understand their emotions during an ever changing and increasingly chaotic world.

Vinay Rai, Author, Philanthropist, Billionaire, Founder Rai University, India.



"Neeta is what the world needs as a speaker, a galvanizer, and
thought leader for the future emotional health for the next generation
of human potential & development."

Matt Riemann – CEO, / Ultimate Human Foundation


"Neeta is on fire for leaders to reframe their mindset & master
their emotions, crucial for our changing paradigm."

Jacques-Philippe Perviger – CEO, Soleil Group / World Economic Forum Global Leader


“Neeta ignites enthusiasm & curiosity which are keys in shedding
traditional cultural expectations and challenging the norms.”

Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder, All Ladies League, Women’s Economic Forum

“She is a dynamic example bringing about a new thought process of extraordinary leadership, definitely key in our changing world today.”

Vishen Lakhiani - CEO of Mindvalley


“Neeta is a dynamo and truly what the next generation needs
for leadership in a shifting world.”

Andrew Hewitt – CEO, GameChangers 500


Attention leaders, are you ready for a revolution in your world?


The IA Foundation invests in women to solve complex global challenges. We design and manage public competitions to incentivize women from emerging markets to design solutions for a better world. The IA Prize was influenced by XPRIZE, Singularity University, and the Clinton Global Initiative. IA’s mission is to incentivize women to develop “radical breakthroughs” through competition.