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As an advocate for emotional confidence, Neeta Bhushan
champions empathy-based solutions to create a more
heart-centered society and humanistic approach to a
new era of leadership and development.

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"Neeta is what the world needs as a speaker, a galvanizer, and
thought leader for the future emotional health for the next generation
of human potential & development."

Matt Riemann – CEO, / Ultimate Human Foundation


"Neeta is on fire for leaders to reframe their mindset & master
their emotions, crucial for our changing paradigm."

Jacques-Philippe Perviger – CEO, Soleil Group / World Economic Forum Global Leader


“Neeta ignites enthusiasm & curiosity which are keys in shedding
traditional cultural expectations and challenging the norms.”

Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder, All Ladies League, Women’s Economic Forum

“She is a dynamic example bringing about a new thought process of extraordinary leadership, definitely key in our changing world today.”

Vishen Lakhiani - CEO of Mindvalley


“Neeta is a dynamo and truly what the next generation needs
for leadership in a shifting world.”

Andrew Hewitt – CEO, GameChangers 500


“Dr. Neeta Bhushan is transforming the next frontier of leadership. Multi-dimensional using connection & abounding promise to shift the dialogue of human potential. Inspiring millions to understand their emotions during an ever changing and increasingly chaotic world.- Vinay Rai, Author, Philanthropist, Billionaire, Founder Rai University, India.


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