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(Everything you need to be confident & bold in expressing your truth in 2024, having more difficult conversations with ease & clarity)

Reclaim Your Power, Share Your Truth, and Transform Your Relationships
(The only class you will ever need to have meaningful Brave Conversations)   

Stop allowing your emotions and fears to hold you back.

Become the master of you.

You feel stuck, lost, maybe even resentful. And you can’t figure out why.

You find yourself trying to fix things for loved ones. You are a people pleaser and don’t like to rock the boat.

You value harmony….and that’s why having difficult conversations feels impossible. You don’t even know where to start.

This may have led to you feeling taken advantage of. You might even feel like there’s no point in sharing how you really feel.

You’re afraid your feelings and thoughts might upset someone you care about. And you are all about NOT rocking the boat.

But deep down… know you really want to be heard, feel seen, and to be understood.

You just don’t know where or how to even start.

You know it will take BOLD and BRAVE action.

You know you can’t keep doing things the same way. But you don’t know what step you need to take first.

This is exactly why I built my Brave Conversations Class through my Emotional Reset Academy….

To meet you where you are. To hold space. To provide a community to support you.

To allow you to fully step into who you are….

If This is You....

The victims (you know who I’m talking about….those who blame
everyone around them and fail to take a hard look in the mirror)

The uncoachable (if you aren’t open to new ideas, perspectives, strategies, and tools this is NOT for you)

Those stuck in a fixed mindset (if you’re stuck in the doldrums and want to stay there, please don’t waste our time…this isn’t for you)

Non-starters, naysayers, and not doers

Negative Nancy’s or Norm’s (we know that life can suck but let’s not get stuck in the suck…let’s feel it and share and more forward)

Those unwilling to invest in themselves and their future

If you don’t like me, my vibe or my tribe, don’t sign up

This is Not For....

You have been avoiding having those important but necessary conversations

You fear sharing your feelings because it will hurt someone you love

You want everyone around you to feel loved, supported, and safe….even at the expense of your own pain

You hold it all inside…your emotions, feelings, and even your passions/desires when it could hurt someone else

You feel everything deeply (perhaps you’re even an empath)

You are tired of feeling this way

You’re ready to try new things….even if they are uncomfortable

You’re open to exploring some discomfort and be brave with the support of tools, strategies, and accountability

You want to take BIG and BOLD action that matches the size of your heart and dreams for your life…..because deep down you know there’s a better way to do life

You will go


Unapologetic Brave
Feeling Audaciously

People Pleaser

Fearing Speaking
your truth Feeling
Unseen & Unheard



You Will:

Commit to the process. Participate fully.

And I guarantee you will feel better, show up more fully, and begin living the life of your dreams.

If you’re ready to feel lighter, more energized and free, I urge you to sign up today.

What You Will Gain from Brave Conversations

Get to the root cause of your pain and avoidance

Uncover your fears and have tools to face them head on

Stop wasting energy on unspoken conversations that are draining you

Discover 8 ways to hold brave conversations with grace and boundaries

Learn about your core wounds and how it’s impacting your intimate relationships

Speak your boundaries and advocate for your wants and needs

Learn the 7 red flags for when you need to pause

Uncover the 4 emotional buckets we fall into and how to work with each style

Discover how to self-regulate and self-soothe while having brave and hard conversations

Set up consistent practices to celebrate your wins

50% off NOW

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

You deserve a life of honoring your truth.

You deserve a life where your needs are heard, seen, and understood.

You deserve a life where YOU can share your hurts and pain without fear of
letting others down.

You deserve a life where your bravery is rewarded and builds deep respect &
boundaries that no longer are crossed.

I know you don't want to sit in your stuckness or pain any more l urge you to sign
up today so that you can live the life you deserve.

Don't wait...

Don't let life pass you by. You know what I'm talking about....

Don't look back a week, a month, or years from now with regret.

Regret that you didn t take action. Regret that you weren't brave. Regret that you
knew deep down inside this was the place for you but you got scared.

Don't let fear drive the steering wheel of your life.

Take back the reigns.

Let's do this together. I'm here for you.

I believe in you.

Yes, Sign me up!


Hi, I’m Dr. Neeta Bhushan, and I used to be absolutely terrified of having Brave Conversations. So much so, that it affected me as an early entrepreneur in my dental practice, losing team members, not having the confidence to confront people of taking advantage of my ‘openness’ and ‘niceness’. I just so badly wanted to be liked, as a leader as well as someone who had an early start.

Yet, what you don’t know is that at 18, I was an orphan, losing my mom, dad, and brother to medical circumstances. I desperately just wanted to fit in. So, cue in people pleasing (especially coming from immigrant Filipino & Indian backgrounds). It wasn’t until I mustered the courage & bravery a decade later to finally share my truth and walk away from a toxic & abusive marriage.

 While my life has been hallmarked by much adversity, loss, and grief - I realized that we aren’t taught how to have Brave Conversations in school, in our communities, or in our interpersonal relationships. I was able to succeed in selling my first health care practice after having more Brave conversations, owning my boundaries, and becoming unapologetic in every area of my life. I’m now known as one of the foremost experts in grit & resilience, my talks have taken me to the tables at Google HQ, several international stages, to intimate boardrooms, universities and schools, as well as my virtual coaching institute. I’m OBSESSED with having brave conversations, that 2 years ago launched my show, The Brave Table and it’s reached top 50 in Mental Health around the globe.

 I’ve written 4 books, including my latest 4x Award-Winning Book That Sucked, Now What, endorsed by Jay Shetty where I share life-changing tools that have got me out of the ‘suck’ through these conversations. Committed to teaching you the same. Thank you so much or being here, and committing to changing your lineage, or relationship, or household, or your future.

Your Brave Conversations Expert

Week 1: Explore the triggers in a hard conversation.

Week 2: Dissect the art of a brave conversation.

Week 3: Speak courageously out loud.

Week 4: Unpack on the other side.

Week 5: Integrate your work.

Week 6: Celebrate your wins.

Your Brave Conversations
Class Trailmap

Each week you’ll have access to a class lesson that will meet you where you are.

Help you break free from your stuckness.

Support you while  you take BOLD and BRAVE action.

Are you ready to go from people pleaser to bold action-taker?

From resentful to confident?

From anxious to excited?

From avoidant to audaciously resilient and invincible?

Here’s an overview of the six week trailmap for this class:


The That Sucked Now What Workbook 70+ pages

6 weeks of lessons

Tools, worksheets, and strategies that work and have been tested IRL (in real life!)

Access to your Brave Conversations Soul Posse (an incredible community of bold, beautiful & brave action takers to support your growth)

Classes begin the week of january 3rd 2024

What’s Included?

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(original $497)

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“Dr. Neeta empowers anyone who has ever felt like a victim to take back control of their life.”


“Dr. Neeta is the person you should be learning from when it comes to creating deep, meaningful connections in your life, this course gets you there.”



The Investment That Keeps Giving

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

My Invitation

With all the pain I’m seeing in the world, I want to help our communities heal. And it starts by healing individuals.

It starts with empowering each of you with the tools to hold neutral space for others.

The strategies to have bold and brave conversations that will build intimacy, foster solutions, and heal communities.

I believe in you. I believe in humanity.

But I’m seeing how hurt we are as a society. We are broken.

We have become so afraid of being canceled that we stay quiet.

We are so fearful of being disagreed with and unfriended that we sit and suffer in silence.

This isn’t the answer. This will only lead to more pain, suffering, and violence.

Grab your spot today.

Gift a spot to someone else who needs it.

Together we can heal the world.

But it starts with healing ourselves. Healing our families. Healing our relationships.

Let’s create healing and light in this very lost world…..together.

Each component of the class and community has been designed to help you build unstoppable momentum in healing your life and relationships: 

Enroll Now for your 

$497 only $197

That Sucked Now What Workbook: retail value $98

On-Demand Tools, Strategies, and Solutions that work: retail value of $700 + peace of mind (priceless!)

But the investment for you today will only cost you


That’s massive value and huge savings….

That’s because I want this to be an easy choice for you. I believe in YOU.

I want you to have massive healing. Massive freedom. And HUGE success.

This price will go up with our next offering to $397 or more…..

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Picture a day where you wake up excited to have those hard conversations you used to dreadly fear.
Picture a day where your partner says “love, you’re on fire. I appreciate you so much. Thanks for sharing with me what you need and want. I love you so much.”
Picture a day where you are full of energy….no longer burnt out by those conversations you’ve been avoiding.

Together, we can build that day….it’s just around the corner.

And I’ve built the tools, the soul support posse, and sacred space to get you there.

Cannot wait to see you on the inside…

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That’s a value of $798!!