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Finding Strength In Your Struggles Through Storytelling on The Mindvalley Podcast

On the top rated Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani, Dr. Neeta shares how to share your stories as they don't have to define you since you can become and author your new next chapter.

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Highest Self Podcast 364: Pivoting Careers Into Coaching with Dr. Neeta Bhushan 

“Turn your mess into your message and that message may be your next chapter.” According to bestselling author, Dr. Neeta Bhushan, the greatest step you can take towards cultivating self-compassion is owning every single part of your story including the mistakes. And when you come from a place of love for everything that’s happened in your life, then positive thinking and a powerful growth mindset will come naturally. 

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Ceremony Circle #37. Rebirth: Rewriting Your Story & Redefining Success with Dr. Neeta Bhushan   

Dr. Neeta Bhushan has traversed so many waters and ever-evolving versions of herself in this lifetime. Her story is a testament to us as multidimensional beings whose success stories are never linear. The current version of you, however elevated or deflated it might feel at this moment, is not limited to the labels you've been boxed into by family, friends, or society. 

It took Dr. Neeta years to come to this realization. Growing up, she was haunted by mortality at a very young age, losing her mother, brother, and father within a few years of one another. Moving through grief, she was saved by her support system, an amalgamation of extended family, religious rituals, and resilience to prove herself worthy of her parent's legacy. 

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Best-selling author, speaker and serial social entrepreneur Neeta Bhushan leads Verve down a path of self-introspection breaking down anxiety for us all. 

How Neeta Bhushan Outran The Ghosts Of Her Past To Become A Best-Selling Author And Motivational Speaker Verve Magazine 

Tatler Magazine: Emotional Grit 8 ways to stay sane through the corporate rat race

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How Entrepreneurs Can Prepare Their Mindset For The Toughest Clients

When working as a coach, it is inevitable you will come across the odd client who will test your patience to its limits. Whether a problematic client who you struggle to connect with, one who fails to fulfill their agreement or promises, or one who oversteps the boundaries, all coaches experience those more robust of clients. 

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Four Elements Of Making Emotionally Intelligent Decisions

One of the pioneers of emotional intelligence (EI), psychologist Daniel Goleman, highlighted how important the quality is for leaders: Goleman also said a person’s EI reflects their potential for mastering social skills, such as empathy, motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation and emotional awareness.

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Here are some of my keynote talks you can hire me for, if you feel we are a fit . 

How to Bounce Back When Things don't go as Planned

We will inevitably fall into challenges, failures, setbacks, and tough moments in life that may keep us stuck, or unable to take action. I teach you my profound method to not only help you bounce back but build your bounce factor (4 parts) as well as an embodiment practice so that you leave with tools to help you fly forward past the moments that sucked. 

How to build Audacious Resilience

It's a term I've coined called being audaciously resilient in your life, in your career, and with your relationships, as featured in my book: That Sucked. Now What? Now most people think it's just about "being tough" but I teach you a powerful framework called Fly Forward to remind you there is and can be a paradox of conflicting emotions so that your group can rid themselves of judgement, resentment, shame, inadequacy to welcome new perspectives and beliefs in themselves.

How to Step Into Your Greatness & Live the Life you were Meant For

We all have things that have happened "to us". How will you change your narrative, and be the author of your next chapter. How will you change the meaning of your stories in your mind to begin directing the life you desire. Past a setback, past a heartbreak, past an unmet expectation, past the stories that have held you back. 

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