That Sucked.
Now What?

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How to Embrace the Joy in Chaos and Find Magic in the Mess

You know those awful, terrible, sucker-punch moments in life? The ones that knock you down, burn you up, or make you cringe so hard you wish it was all a bad dream?

probably... because we all do!

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So... That Sucked.
Now What?

Those epic, messy, oh-no-oh-sh*t moments of chaos are just part of life – yet, they’re also the key to your growth.

I’ve spent years researching human behavior and observing people in their worst and best moments...

And from those experiences (as well as my own!) I’ve discovered what it takes to get back up — no matter what knocked you down.

This Book Will Show You How:

By understanding your Bounce Factor (how well you “bounce back” based on four core components of your life) this book guides you through the five stages to audacious, all-out resilience and what it takes to overcome obstacles, surmount setbacks, and not only bounce back, but fly forward.

start building your resilience...

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"A how-to guide that offers grace to the human experience by reminding you that life may catch you off guard, but you can bounce back and even fly forward."

— Jay Shetty —
 #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Think Like A Monk, & host of On Purpose Podcast 

"This book is FANTASTIC and a powerful asset to keep nearby when you’re going through a sticky situation. Each chapter is filled with so much magic. As an author myself, I always love learning from other experts and Neeta sure is one to talk about!"

— Natasha Graziano —
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of Be It Until You Become It, Host of the Law of Attraction Podcast on Success Magazine

"A moving read about finding the magic in messy moments and taking charge of your life."

— Regena Thomashauer —
New York Times Best-Selling Author, Pussy, Founder of The School of Womanly Arts.

"If you're someone who feels that life just isn't going your way, read this book. Dr. Neeta lays out actionable tools for overcoming obstacles and building your resiliency so you can get that extra push towards your dream."

— Vishen Lakhiani —
New York Times Best-Selling Author, Buddha & the Badass

"In this moving read, Dr Neeta combines her personal experience and lessons from helping thousands of others. She offers a well-rounded perspective on overcoming grief, loss, and hardships that’s sensitive to the human experience while encouraging you to find your strength and the magic in the mess."

— Melissa Ambrosini —
Bestselling Author and host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show

"I met Neeta once and my life changed forever. The next best thing to her being in your orbit, is this book."

— Codie Sanchez —
Serial Investor & Entrepreneur, Founder Contrarian Thinking

"A powerful handbook for anyone rebuilding themselves after life-altering moments to fly forward."

— Jim Kwik —
New York Times Best-Selling Author, Limitless  

“That Sucked. Now What? is a must for anyone who feels like the world has knocked them down or derailed plans; a simple approach to create an action plan for dusting yourself off and reframing the story you’re telling yourself.”

— Lisa Nichols —
New York Times Best-Selling Author, No Matter What!, Founder of Motivating the Masses Inc.

"If you’re ready to find magic in your mess and reclaim joy during the chaotic ‘life happenings’ that we all go through, then this is the book for you. Dr. Neeta captures the duality of hard times to fly forward past the moments that sucked."

— Mark Groves —
Founder Create The Love, Podcaster, The Mark Groves Podcast 

"In this book, Dr. Neeta offers applicable tools to foster resilience after facing adversity. It is a great read for anyone to wants to learn to move past hardships & failures and come out stronger on the other side."

— Nawal Mustafa —
Cognitive Neuroscientist and Mental Health Expert @TheBrainCoach 

"Just like she does in this book, Dr. Neeta shows you how you can take your challenging moments and turn them into inspiration to fly forward."

— Marisa Peer —
International Best-selling Author, Tell Yourself a Better Lie, Founder of RTT

"Life is unpredictable and having a book like this helps you navigate moments of uncertainty with compassion, strength and humor. Dr. Neeta has a magical gift of being able to ground and draw lessons from the messy experiences in life. This book feels like the comfort from a dear friend and years of coaching all in one."

— Sahara Rose —
best-selling author, Discover Your Dharma and host of Highest Self Podcast

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If You’re Part of the Human Experience, This Book is For You.

This is for all the hard-working mamas, the fellow recovering perfectionists, the type-A queens — really, any of my fellow humans on this wild ride we call life.

Whether you've experienced a life-altering moment like divorce or the loss of a loved one, or you're entering a new chapter like motherhood or a pivot in your professional life — this is your guidebook for becoming your most audaciously resilient self so you can fly forward and thrive no matter what life tosses your way. 


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Is The Beginning of Your Comeback Story


If you’re ready to step into your power...
If you’re ready to live a proactive life...
If you’re ready to embrace your humanity....

If you’re ready to increase your bounce factor...

If you’re ready to step into your best chapter yet...

If you’re ready to make peace with your past to create a brighter future...

If you’re ready to be the most audaciously resilient version of yourself...

Then what are you waiting for? Order your copy today!

“Dr. Neeta shows you how your heartbreaks, failures, and disappointments can provide beautiful opportunities for transformation.”