How to Work together

4 ways to work together

Build your mental & emotional fitness at Global Grit Institute

Change your life & discover your Dharma with me at Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI)

Improve your coaching skills at evercoach

Hire me to speak on emotional grit & resilience to your community/organization

Along with my co-partner Ajit Nawalkha, GGI is the place where we are committed to helping you manage your mindset, emotional states, as well as your overall mental wellbeing as a coach, entrepreneur, and business owner. You must fill your cup before you serve the world, our programs and trainings are designed to help you elevate your life so you can continue creating impact for others for the long haul.

We’ve created two of the most powerful books to help you transform your world into coaching, are The book of Coaching and the business book of Coaching. Whether you are a seasoned coach or someone who is just starting out in the early stages of their practice, Evercoach is the industry-leading growth education company to dive deeper in your overall coach-training journey.

DCI was birthed from the brainchild of our co-founder Sahara Rose’s wisdom and decade’s worth of a journey into deep spirituality and leading others to find and lead with their purpose. If you are in a transition, looking to utilize all of your gifts and years of experience into a career that drives fulfillment, and helping others find their purpose. Click the link to learn more about becoming a Certified Dharma Coach today, the world’s only dual certification program helping others live into their Dharma.

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