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“There are plenty of books out there that teach resilience but THIS book right here is on another level. Dr. Neeta has once again over-delivered on her promise to help her readers bounce back from ANY of life’s sucky moments. After reading this book, you’ll happily welcome life’s challenges with open arms, because now you have the tools to fly forward.”  —Vasavi Kumar, Author, Say It Out Loud 

How to embrace the joy in chaos and find magic in the mess

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Emotional Grit

This is the book that started it all. Emotional Grit is your GRIT-KIT to overcome obstacles in life, manage emotions and become a self leader for life.

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“To say Dr. Neeta has simply written a book on emotional leadership would be a gross understatement. What she has really created is a roadmap to freedom – a framework to challenge the stories that have held us back for far too long; a heart-centered guide to fully step into our most authentic, connected selves; an innovative set of understandings and tools that, if practiced, will deepen your impact in the world and the legacy you leave behind.”

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The Book Of Coaching

Here is what a reader left as review on Amazon

“Simple. Powerful. Encouraging. Refreshing. Totally badass. I’ll be honest, I am tired of hearing people just repeating what they have heard some other teacher or guru say. And I am REALLY tired of so-called “experts” who talk the talk, but haven’t ever walked the walk. Agit and Neeta are the real deal. They’re living examples, expanding their own lives and coaching to higher and higher levels. They don’t pretend to know it all, but they freely share what they have learned so far (as they continue to learn themselves). I love great stories and practical, actionable advice. This book is full of both. If you coach, manage, or lead others in anyway you will benefit greatly from this work.”

This book is the perfect guide for you if you are a coach or want to be one. It breaks down the three elements that make an extraordinary coaching career.

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The Business Book Of Coaching

"This book simplifies the complex world of online and offline marketing. Looking for a complete guide to what makes a coaching business financially successful? Here is your answer."




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