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Your go to podcast to be more Brave in Your Relationships, Brave in your actions, and Brave to reinvent your Life to matter what stage or season of life you're in...

I’m Dr. Neeta


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Grab your seat with your cup of chai as we spill the tea at The Brave Table for your biweekly dose of unfiltered conversations about all the unpredictable moments we face on our journey through life—the raw, the real, the messy—and how to overcome them and thrive.

This is your oasis to navigate this human experience together, helping you discover new frontiers, to unravel juicy new perspectives in your life, with some deep belly laughs and full emotional releases from those sucky moments along the way.

I got you covered, love.

If you’re asking yourself, how do I share my voice, my gifts, do more bold, brave, and dare I say reinvent yourself…

You have arrived at the right place…

And… I’ve explored a ton of failures, challenges, missteps and as I’ve been told I’m the queen of resilience & connection… - I bring on THE absolute best industry experts from moms, wellness leaders, authors, spiritual healers, biohackers, boss mamas, and incredible stories from other inspiring humans to help YOU brave all areas of life, from motherhood, to reinventing yourself & your career, to being CEO of your life, and braving your most intimate relationships in your life- this is YOUR seat at the table.

This is your place to be just a little bit more brave… so grab your chai and let’s connect.


Let’s get emo together…

Wanna know all the tea on managing your emotions like a boss… (ahem! It’s the stuff we didn’t learn in school…)

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