106: From Suck to Soar: Embracing the Joy in the Chaos with Emily Williams 

by neeta bhushan


Hey loves! In today’s episode, I have a real treat for you. Recently, Emily Williams interviewed me on her podcast, I Heart My Life Show, and today, I’m playing that episode for you on The Brave Table.

“It’s time to create a life that’s better than your dream.”

In this episode, you’ll join Emily Williams and me as I share my experiences and advice on embracing the joy and chaos of life. I dive into the difficult journey of my own awakening, through the pain and heartache of my first marriage and the lessons I learned from it. We discuss the importance of allowing yourself to express emotion, even if it makes those around you uncomfortable, and how to rebuild yourself and your life. I hope my own story and teachings encourage everyone to create a life they actually desire!

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • How embracing chaos leads to joy
  • The techniques we can use to allow and process emotions
  • Bouncing back after a sucky moment

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Connect with Emily:

– Find Emily on Instagram @emilywilliams

– Visit her website at https://emilywilliams.com/

– Check out Emily’s podcast, The I Heart my Life Show, here

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