108: Sex in Relationships, How to Have Better Orgasms & How it Relates to Transformation Work with Bibi Brzozka  

by neeta bhushan


Hey loves! In today’s episode, I’m joined by the wonderful Bibi Brzozka.

“My mission was to really take a path that will allow me the freedom that they didn’t have – financial freedom, freedom of traveling around the world – and again, all these things that they didn’t have when they were younger, and it all looked very shiny.”

Bibi Brzozka is a sex and love relationship coach and former corporate executive who experienced a breakthrough when she left her 15-year corporate career in pursuit of pleasure and self-exploration. She has since shared Energetic Lovemaking with thousands of people across the world, sparking frank conversations in the places where you’d least expect it.

Bibi had always sought success and freedom and was on the path to achieving it through a corporate career. However, she grew increasingly unhappy and felt her life was unfulfilling. At her lowest point, she decided to take a leap and start exploring her innerself. Through meditation, self-pleasure, and ayahuasca, Bibi discovered her feminine energy and the power of orgasm. She realized that orgasmic states can be used to amplify self-realization and growth, and was inspired to share her journey with other women.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Exploring the Role of Feminine and Masculine Energy in our Lives
  • Sexuality as a Mirror of Everything Else in Our Lives
  • The Power of Orgasmic States
  • Full-body Orgasms
  • How to be More in the Moment
  • Carving out Time for Intimacy

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