11: Payal Kadakia: Being brave in building your LifePass

by neeta bhushan


Welcome back loves for another juicy conversation at The Brave Table. My guest in this episode is Payal Kadakia, Founder of ClassPass, Artist, and Author of LifePass

Payal believes that your life purpose lies at the intersection of what you’re innately passionate about and what can impact others. She was lucky enough to find her purpose — Indian dance — at a young age and used this as her North Star to guide how she would operate in this world. As a result, Payal has paved the way for what’s possible in entrepreneurship when you lead with your purpose and passion, turning her love of dance into a billion-dollar business. 

So, if you’re feeling stuck, I hope this conversation inspires you to find and cultivate your true calling in life. It already exists within you, but sometimes you just need to get quiet and shut out all the noise of the world — like your parents who want to see you take a different path or the pressure from society to behave and act a certain way — to get clear on what it is. 

What are the things you LOVED to do throughout your life? If you’re not sure, can you try new activities and hobbies to see what lights you up? Then, how can you use these passions to relentlessly chase your dreams? Let’s dive in. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll experience in this episode:

  • Growing up with different cultural identities and how to merge these identities with your passions and include them as a part of you, rather than hiding them or having to choose
  • How to create agreements with loved ones when their expectations of you are different than your own
  • The turning point of leaving your job to go after something much greater than you ever imagined 
  • Doing things out of authenticity and attracting the right people to your business
  • Merging business with creativity, and not having to choose one or the other
  • Finding your purpose through rekindling activities from your childhood and incorporating more of those activities into your everyday life
  • Why it’s important to create boundaries without guilt, surround yourself with the right energy, and clearly define your expectations
  • What being brave means to Payal, her daily rituals & practices, and her word to describe this season

And SO much more. Grab Payal’s already super hot LifePass book that’s out now at www.lifepassbook.com. I hope you SO loved this episode! And before you go – make sure not to miss out on The Brave Table giveaway at www.thebravetable.com/giveaway  for your chance to WIN some amazing self-care prizes – this my big THANK YOU for being here!

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