113: Overcoming Obstacles & Defeats, and Allowing Yourself to Take a Break with Dr. Neeta Bhushan 

by neeta bhushan


Hey loves! Today I have a special guest: me! 😁

“They’re just trying to fit in. They’re just trying to belong. That is the mission. That’s the mission of this book. How do we actually build resiliency in a way where there’s also deep compassion, reverence, and love for the journey that we are on?”

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Embracing joy in the chaos and finding magic in the mess
  • Navigating hard-hitting setbacks even when so many things went right
  • Giving yourself permission to slow down to find your balance and alignment
  • A reminder to listen to your intuition and follow your heart

You’ve probably heard all the buzz the past few months, but if not, I recently launched my newest book, That Sucked. Now What?, and we’ve already sold 10,000+ copies and have over 100 reviews on Amazon. From award after award, to a media tour taking me all over the country, this book has been a smashing success, to say the least!

But with all the amazing things that have happened the past few months, there were some disappointing letdowns, sleepless nights, and if I’m honest with ya love… pure exhaustion.

If you’re a go-getter like me, you probably forget to let yourself have a season of rest and slowness after a season of blazing forward at Mach 10. This is your invitation to breathe, to sit in the suck, and give yourself permission to put the brakes on while you rest.

Join me in this episode as we dive into what a post-global, bestseller book launch looks like and have a brave conversation about letting in a season of recuperation and slowness.

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P.S. That Sucked. Now What?’ is sweeping the globe! If you’ve yet to snag your copy, then know that this is your handbook to bounce back from sucky moments and fly forward with audacious resilience. You can get yours here!


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