125: How to Live a Fulfilling Life and Set Meaningful Goals with Sebastian Terry  

by neeta bhushan


Today I’m joined by the one and only, Sebastian Terry. Dive in and enjoy this incredible episode!

“I asked myself, ‘If I were to die today, could I say that I wouldn’t have changed anything?’, and just like that, I realized I was really unhappy. I didn’t have any purpose, goals, or know who I was. This was my a-ha moment. What could be more important than feeling happy?”

Spilling the tea:

  • Living a life that actually makes you happy
  • How to do meaningful goal setting
  • Understanding the core aspects of your life
  • Living a fulfilling life without regrets

Seb is a best-selling author, top keynote speaker, and Founder of 100things. Having ticked off 76 of his own 100things, Seb has spent the last decade sharing his stories and learnings with others in order to help them enact change in their lives. From impromptu experiences like delivering a stranger’s baby in a different country than his own, to fulfilling a random wish that takes him to a remote village- Seb is up for the challenge. 

After graduating from University with a degree he was unsure of, Seb set off to backpack the world. A few years into his travels he received a call in the middle of the night; one of his childhood friends, Chris, had tragically passed away. This was the moment Seb realized how unhappy he was and that everything needed to change.

Grabbing a pen and paper, he began to write the list of things that he hoped would propel him toward a sense of happiness and purpose in life. This list took the shape of 100 things and it would go on to change his life forever. 

Now 15 years on, Seb has ticked off 76 goals from his list but his personal journey has grown into a global movement. Now based in LA, California, Seb dedicates his time to helping individuals and organizations transform by harnessing passion as a driving force for change, connection, and transformation.

This is such a powerful episode and I know you’ll love it as much as I did. Dive in and meet the one and only, Seb!

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Connect with Sebastian:

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