16: Alexa Bowditch: What You Didn’t Learn About Sex In School Pt. 2

by neeta bhushan


Hi again, loves, and welcome back for part two of my conversation with @thatsexchick, Alexa Bowditch. We’re going to dive even deeper into our discussion on sex — and what we really should know about it related to our pleasure, health, and relationships — not just the basics we learned in school. 

I’m sure many of you mamas out there will agree when I say — it’s scary thinking about what our children will find out about sex before we get to them. We all want our children to know how to properly and sensually engage in sex when the time comes, and as Alexa points out, this starts with us. 

It starts with taking radical responsibility for our sexuality, unlearning what we think we know, and staying humble as we open ourselves up to new experiences. As parents and adults, we need to understand how we relate to pleasure and sexual fulfillment so that we can have grounded conversations with our kids — and our partners. 

Alexa talks about treating sex like you would anything else related to your wellbeing – you go to the gym for your physical health, you meditate for your mental health, and you need that same level of maintenance for your sexual health. Tune in to hear her insights on how to do this and a level of sex education that you definitely didn’t get in school. 

What’s something you’ve learned through your sexual experiences that you wish you knew sooner? If you could go back in time, what is something you wish your parents had told you about sex, or what would have been helpful to learn in school?

Knowing what you know now, how can you take ownership of your sexual education and desires to ensure that you (and if it applies, your children) can have a healthier relationship with sex? 

ICYMI: Listen to part one of my conversation with Alexa here:

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll get out of this episode:

  • What is a “Want Will Won’t” list and how to create one and use it with your partner – grab your free copy here https://www.thatsexchick.com/resources 
  • Taking ownership for your sexual desires instead of being a victim or laying blame on your partner
  • Practicing BDSM with communication, consent, and care
  • Being fully consensual in your sexual relationships, letting things be reversible, and how allowing the things you don’t actually want can cause harm
  • Infusing childlike innocence and play into your sexuality 
  • Reevaluating your approach to sex when things start to get mundane 
  • How to orgasm without penetration through your unique sexual blueprint
  • Leveraging toys for deeper, more compassionate sex

More resources on sex, relationships, and embodying your full self:

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