20: Amber Valdez: How to be brave in toxic relationships & knowing when it’s time to end it

by neeta bhushan


Welcome back for another super spicy episode of The Brave Table. Today’s guest is Amber Valdez, a former TV host and NFL cheerleader turned Spiritual Awakening Mentor & 5D Business Coach to lightworkers and entrepreneurs. 

We kick off the episode with a question I know all of you ladies have asked yourself at some point in your life: how do you navigate relationships as an ambitious woman? When you’re standing in your divine feminine power, it can sometimes be challenging to find a partner who can rise to the occasion and meet you at your level, without trying to ride your coattails or bring you down.

Amber has been through it all when it comes to relationship experiences and the valuable lessons they can offer, even when they’re painful. She grew up in a volatile home environment with an abusive mother and a father who was an addict, which set the precedent for how she would navigate relationships in her adult life. An empath with an innate longing to heal others, she found herself dating narcissists and getting stuck in abusive relationships that she couldn’t seem to escape. 

That was until she drew upon her incredible resilience and underwent a deep healing journey—using modalities like purging, fasting, reiki, energy healing, energetic cord cutting ceremonies, Akashic record readings, tapping, body talk, trauma therapy (you name it)—all of which led her to the incredible partner she has today. 

There are a few things I hope you can take away from today’s conversation, depending on the season you’re in. If you are struggling in your relationship or if hearing what it’s like to date a narcissist is signaling alarm bells in your head, I hope Amber’s story can offer you the strength you need to evaluate if it’s what you truly desire, and to choose yourself instead. 

And if you’re wanting to call in your king or queen, know that they ARE out there ready for you, but ultimately, it all starts with doing your inner work. Only then will you find someone who has done theirs, too, and is a match for the powerhouse that you are. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll get out of this episode…

  • What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how to identify it
  • Softening into your feminine energy
  • Establishing your self-worth and getting your needs met in relationships
  • How to heal your childhood wounds 
  • Breaking free of the defense mechanisms you create to protect yourself when you grow up in a toxic household
  • Coping with domestic violence and abusive relationships, how to seek support, and knowing you’re not alone
  • Taking radical responsibility for your self-development and personal growth
  • Going through a dark night of the soul and healing modalities that can help
  • How to manifest your ideal partner

Resources if you are experiencing domestic violence… 

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out… 

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