207: How to Reframe & Begin Healing Your Parental Relationships? Listen To This To Learn How with Neeta Bhushan

by neeta bhushan


Hey Brave Table Fam!  Join us in this space where we can all be a little more brave. We are braving family dynamics today. Do you have a parent figure, elder, that just triggers you? Maybe 

You’ve had rough patches with them over the years- if this is you- you are in for a treat! We explore how to hold safe boundaries, with love and empathy, and I talk about my recent trip with my Bhua (bonus mama) and how it was quite healing on all levels.  

What you’ll get from this episode…

  • My personal experience of being able to heal decades worth of pain and anguish from a caregiver, and shift perspectives & begin healing. 
  • How to reframe your parental relationships, even when it’s tough, even when they don’t agree with you! 
  • How to create the time and space for your aging elders, and have fun -knowing that maybe the comments may not stop. 

Connect with Neeta:

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