25: Emily Williams: The Money Mindset You Need For Real Success

by neeta bhushan


Hi Brave Table fam, thanks for tuning into another episode. Today I’m chatting with the queen of dreaming big and encouraging others to do the same, Emily Williams. 

Emily is the Founder of I Heart My Life—a media, education, and lifestyle company dedicated to helping women love every aspect of their lives. She is also ​​a Money Mindset Expert, Success Coach, CEO, author, speaker, podcast host, and, as her clients say, a fairy godmother of making dreams come true.

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

  • How to train yourself to be happy and rewire your thoughts
  • Moving through the highs and lows of life, even after you’ve accomplished your biggest goals
  • Listening to your heart and reinventing yourself when it’s telling you to take a different path
  • Why following your vision is more important than following the money
  • Learning that your intuition is your most powerful tool 
  • Why you need to create a daily gratitude practice and how to get started
  • What you can learn about yourself through your dating experiences
  • How to keep pursuing your passion and build your business, even when you face rejection
  • Turning your jealousy into clarity surrounding what you want out of life

Emily’s journey began when she decided to make a u-turn and braved to tell her mom she wasn’t going to attend the prestigious Northwestern University. So, they turned around and drove back to her hometown in Ohio, where Emily would work a minimum wage job for two years before taking a huge leap. 

She didn’t fully understand why, but Emily’s heart was telling her to move to London and write a book (which she did! It hasn’t been published, but it’s all about the world of online dating and how it led her to do her husband, James. Since then she’s published a different book, which you’ll find linked below). 

With four suitcases in tow, off she went to start a new life in a city where she didn’t know anyone and didn’t even have enough money to take a cab. While she was excited about her adventure, Emily soon realized that she still didn’t feel fully satisfied in her quest nor that she had found her purpose. She threw herself into her self-development and started working with a coach who shared a simple phrase that would change everything for her: “You don’t have to believe everything your mind is telling you.”

This prompted Emily to develop a gratitude practice to reframe her thinking, starting with things as small as her morning coffee. She realized that when she was focused on what she didn’t have and didn’t want to happen in her life, she ended up manifesting more of the same. By flipping the script and gaining mastery over her mindset, she was able to launch a seven-figure coaching business and a media company aimed at lifting women up and helping them to fulfill their desires—just like she was able to. 

Emily’s story proves that when you stick with your vision and stay focused on your wins, success will follow. I hope this episode inspires you to start feeling grateful for what you have in your life—even the smallest of things—and using them as a catalyst to launch you into your bigger, juicier ambitions. 

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