27: Davana May: Trusting Your Power as a Mother, and Being Brave in Wild Free Birthing at Home

by neeta bhushan


Hey fam, we’re back today for another fiercely brave conversation—this time with the divine Davana May.

Davana is a Radical Birth Keeper, the co-founder of Sacred Sisters Circle, and a fully embodied queen whose purpose is to share her innate wisdom of the sacred feminine and help women reclaim their birth. 

What you’ll learn out of this episode… 

  • Following your intuition, reclaiming your power, and rewilding womanhood
  • How to learn from your difficult experiences and use them as an opportunity to choose differently next time
  • Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy and birth in the Western medical system
  • Reconciling the both/and—the positive and the negative—of the experiences we choose
  • Surrendering to the unknown and moving through your fears with death to experience bliss in the present moment
  • What is freebirthing and radical birth keeping, and how do they differ from conventional views on birth
  • How to fully trust the body to do the things it naturally knows how to do 
  • Trauma in birth and ways to heal from it

A mama of two, Davana has two wildly captivating birth stories that could not be more different from each other. With her first son, Cairo, she went through the conventional medical system—all the tests, ultrasounds, and even put under anesthesia for a C-section. While grateful for the safe arrival of her little boy, Davana couldn’t help but feel like the birth was stolen from her: the sacred and ancestral wisdom of birthing embedded in her soul was lost to the trauma she experienced.

When Davana found herself pregnant again in 2020, she decided, this time, she would do everything differently. While she did open herself up to the possibility of going a more conventional route, she landed on no hospital visits, no tests, no ultrasounds, no midwife, and to opt for a free birth instead. Working with her Radical Birth Keeper, Isabella, Davana fully and completely surrendered to her body and the natural process during her prenatal journey.

In 2021, Davana went into labor during the craziest storm that Austin had ever seen in 40 years, locking down the city and further adding to her need to let go of control. Despite her fears that surfaced regarding a stillbirth, her own health and wellbeing, and external circumstances like the weather, Davana put her complete trust in her birth and her body. She welcomed her son, Nature, at home—without water, without electricity, without any medical assistance—and in total bliss. 

As you listen, I invite you to think about what you currently believe about birthing your greatest fears even if you don’t have children, since as women we are birthing new projects, book babies, businesses- and the fears that arise through the portal of the ‘birth’.  Is reclaiming birth, freebirthing, and surrendering to a natural process something you would be open to, or at least, open-minded about? Or even if you haven’t don’t plan on experiencing birth, where in your life could you let go and trust your intuition and power?

Resources for topics discussed in this episode, and more like it… 

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Thanks for being here, and see you next time at The Brave Table!


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