44: Joa Rivas: The Power of Plant Medicine, Healing from Painful Loss, and Transitions

by neeta bhushan


Hey, Brave Table fam, welcome back. I’m so happy you’re here! Alright, I’m sure you’ve all remembered my full transformation around plant medicine and psycheledelics in previous episodes and today we are diving in fully.  s. I couldn’t think of anyone better to have this chat with than my dear Latina soul sister, Joa Rivas, who you might know as Joa Fitness.

What you’ll get out of this episode…

– Powerful stories of overcoming loss, challenging transitions, resilience, and finding peace within

– The beauty of ayahuasca and how plant medicine can help you heal past traumas

– Meditation and breathing techniques you can use today to help you rebalance and recenter

– How to cultivate more empathy for others

– Finding closure in past relationships, even when you are no longer in communication with the person

– Lessons and reflections on death and what it can teach us about life

– The value in believing in yourself and tapping into your greatest potential

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Joa left her hometown at just 19 years old in search of a better life. Today, she is a Toronto-based elite fitness trainer, transforming lives through her programs. She teaches yoga, pilates, and Tai chi, taking a holistic approach to well-being that focuses on emotional and spiritual health in addition to physical. 

Joa and I met during an ayahuasca ceremony in Toronto. Instantly, we felt a deep connection to each other—not only because of our shared experience but also our eerily similar life paths. We are both familiar with devastating and unexpected losses and went through (and survived) abusive relationships. 

We dive into many brave topics, including death & grieving (literally and metaphorically), the therapeutic potential of plant medicine, and finding unshakeable peace within yourself (and with those who have wronged you). 

Some truly touching and moving stories await you, Brave Table squad — tune in to hear what lessons Joa’s wisdom can offer. I hope Joa’s stories will prompt you to reflect: what lessons have you learned through a loss in your life?

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