46: How To Own Your Worth Unapologetically & Step Into the Next Version of You

by neeta bhushan


Hey hey, Brave Table fam, thanks for joining me for today’s solocast where I share how to be unapologetically YOU. 

I’m going to be doing my first in-person talk in over two years soon (eek!), and it got me thinking about how we assign our own worth. When people come to see me talk, I want to ensure they get value from what I have to say, which can feel like a lot of pressure! I realized this isn’t unique to me or speaking in front of an audience. We all have an opinion worthy of being shared, and using your voice to be yourself is often what will catapult you into your next juicy adventure. But sometimes, you might get too in your head and think “no one cares” or wants to hear it. 

So let’s get into it. This episode is for anyone who has been shying away from speaking up, who thinks they need to be an expert in something to offer value to others (hint: you do NOT!), or anyone who feels the pressure of being a perfectionist (recovering perfectionist here, I gotchu!) and thinks they need all the answers before stepping into their next chapter. 

What you’ll get out of this episode…

– An exercise for learning what you are apologetic about and how to stand your in power

– How to transmute the feeling of being nervous into excitement 

– Advice for anyone looking to launch into their next project or business idea on how to take the leap (even when you don’t feel fully ready)

– Being flexible and open to changing your mind

– How to find your worth without having to be perfect

– Doing things you love for the sake of what you love (and just not for reward) 

– And much more!

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