49: Braving Uncertainty and How To Do Hard Things (Parenting, Travel With Kids, Why We Do It)

by neeta bhushan


Hey hey, Brave Table fam! Today’s episode is about all things family, adventure, and fun! It’s summer — the season for exploring. It’s also my birthday in July, and for the first time since before the pandemic, the fam jam and I are heading to Europe to see our Global Grit community in person! 

I’m so excited but also gearing myself up to embrace all the unknowns that come with travel (with two kiddos in tow! Eeek!) Join me on this wild ride as we venture into a new season of expansion, learn how to be more nimble in our plans, and embrace all the beauty and craziness of the journey.

What you’ll get out of this episode…

– How to play with your masculine and feminine aspects (having structure versus being in flow)

– Learning to let go when you’re typically type-A and like to have everything planned/be in control

– How to use the summer months as a time to expand and explore

– Using your core values as anchors and applying them to everything you do

– Travelling with kids, adjusting to new environments, and embracing uncertainty

– Breaking out of your routine as a means of growth

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