52: 40 Lessons Learned Celebrating My Life As I Enter This New Decade

by neeta bhushan


OMG, Brave Table fam. I’m officially in my 40th decade of life! Wheeew, what a ride it’s been. In this episode, I reflect on the ups and downs, honor those who were by my side through it all, and share the lessons I’ve learned. 

This is all about new beginnings. Every single day—whether it’s your birthday or not—you get the opportunity to choose. To choose to let go of what no longer serves you. To choose play and adventure and joy. To choose growth, evolution, and stepping into the truest, most unapologetic version of yourself. 

This episode is coming to you from Estonia, which feels appropriate since my first time in Europe was exactly 20 years ago. Right after I lost my dad, I ventured to Rome to find myself again. And now here I am, and life has really come full circle since then—join me as I reflect on it all and share my insights that I hope will inspire you.  

What you’ll get out of this episode…

– The importance of travel and adventure to find joy in life again

– A little bit about Stoicism and how it changed my perspective on life

– How to find lessons in sucky human moments

– Cultivating patience and gratitude for every season

– Building your audacious resilience and stepping into your true essence

– Honoring every relationship you’ve had, for better or for worse

– The power in being vulnerable and brave 

– Using your birthday as a personal ‘checkpoint’ and time of renewal

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