54: Justin Rezvani: Unapologetic Freedom, Crypto & Building a Safer Digital World for Our Next Generation

by neeta bhushan


What’s up, Brave Table fam?! I’m so excited to have you join me for this super juicy episode with Justin Rezvani. A serial entrepreneur who started his first business at only 15 years old, Justin is the founder of Zion, a revolutionary social media platform whose goal is to be the safest place online. 

He’s also the author of Unapologetic Freedom: How Bitcoin Defeats Censorship, Ensures Sovereignty, and Reclaims Our Liberty Forever, which breaks down topics like centralization, privacy rights, and censorship in a digestible way—it seriously blew my mind, and I’m not alone; it also has the praises of names like Tony Robbins, Aubrey Marcus, and JP Sears, so you know it’s a goodie! 

You’ll want to settle in for the entire episode because Justin deep dives into ideas we need to discuss now more than ever in our increasingly digital world, where shadow banning and violations of our personal data are becoming the norm. We talk about the pitfalls of social media, how it actually works, and how he’s creating a better online world for the generations to come. Plus, what it really takes to be an entrepreneur and relentless in your mission—and why, honestly, it’s not for everyone. 

You ready, BT squad? Let’s get into it. What you’ll get out of this episode…

– Justin’s story of coming from a first-generation immigrant household, his recent health scare, and how he’s built multi-8-figure businesses

– The honest truth about becoming an entrepreneur and how to know if it’s the right path for you

– How to let go of waiting for the perfect moment to launch your business

– A breakdown of online censorship, privacy rights, and what you might not realize about the social media platforms we currently use

– The future state of social media and how it can become a safer and more human place (mama’s of young ones—this is especially worth taking note of because it’s going to be your kids’ generation!)

– An introduction to crypto, decentralization, and encryption, and why these topics are more crucial than ever

– What it truly means to be unapologetically free and how to find your freedom

If you loved this episode, make sure you also check out… 

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