58: Andrea Klein: Being Brave in Being Shunned by Your Family & Walking Away From Radical Religious Beliefs

by neeta bhushan


Hey there, Brave Table squad! Welcome back for another incredible and BRAVE conversation with my guest, Andrea Klein. Andrea is a licensed esthetician, business owner, and self-proclaimed women’s activist.  

She started her career by going to beauty school at age 34. In less than 10 years, she built a 7-figure day spa that she was able to retire from so she could work on her life’s purpose, the Liberté Foundation for Women: a non-profit organization that offers the gift of freedom by giving grants to female-owned businesses. Having spent much of her life trapped in religious indoctrination, Andrea found freedom through entrepreneurship. Now, it’s her mission to pay it forward. 

Andrea travels the world documenting women’s stories of freedom and entrepreneurship. Some of the women speak about building their business and others simply answer her question, “What does freedom mean to you?” That’s not a simple question of course, but digging deeper and asking “why is that your answer?” is where the magic happens.  

Andrea’s goal is to tell these stories of liberation, elevate women in the trade, and provide a platform to the underdogs who are the backbone of their local economy. She is so inspiring, and I’m SO excited for you to hear her story!

What you’ll get out of this episode… 

– How to overcome religious indoctrination (especially when you come out of a highly patriarchal fundamentalist organization that puts women in subjection to men, heavily discourages higher education, and tells you the world is ending at any moment.) 

– Surviving getting shunned by your family and religious community when you leave the organization (or get kicked out)

 – Being brave as a stepping stone to finding freedom

– How creating a small business can give you freedom, and how to use that freedom to help others

– The importance of taking risks and her advice for anyone looking to take the leap themselves

– Turning challenging life situations into a platform for creating the life you want

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