69: Yoga Psychology, The Mind-Body Connection, and Examining Trauma Through the Energetic Body with Ashley Turner

by neeta bhushan


Achieving optimal health goes well beyond how we treat our physical bodies. Of course, a good diet and movement are still crucial pillars of well-being, but just as vital is taking care of your emotional and mental health. There’s a feedback loop between the physical and emotional bodies, known as the mind-body connection. It shows that we can’t address one area of our health without impacting another—it’s all connected. 

My guest in this episode of The Brave Table, Ashley Turner, has built her life’s work around this concept. She’s married her love of yoga with the science of psychology as a tool to empower others to release past traumas and overcome their shadows so they can heal and thrive.  

Ashley is a yoga–meditation expert, Licensed Psychotherapist, speaker, writer, facilitator, and 7-figure entrepreneur. Her mission is to integrate yoga and meditation into the mainstream medical and educational systems by training highly-skilled professionals and helping them build fulfilling, highly profitable businesses. She is the founder and CEO of The Center for Yoga Psychology – an innovative, scientifically grounded training center for yoga teachers, mental health clinicians, and students fusing yoga, mindfulness, trauma resolution, shadow work, and neuroscience. 

Here’s a taste of what we get into in this episode…

– Ashley’s 4-step model for doing shadow work in relationships & deal with your projections

– What is the chakra system, and what can it tell you about where your store emotions?

– How emotional traumas show up as behaviors and patterns and modalities to heal them

– What is shadow work, and how to do it with the relationships in your life

– The way your inner state of well-being shapes what you experience in the world 

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