93: How To Be Rich in All Areas of Your Life with Sheila Bella

by neeta bhushan


Have you ever felt like no matter how far along you are on your path to success, you’ve never hit your “enough”? If you’re a fellow type-A queen, you’re probably motivated to always go a little further, push harder, and do more. But sometimes, life has other plans and forces you to take a step back, reassess, and figure out YOUR definition of success and what it means to really be rich – beyond just financial wealth. In this episode, I chat with boss babe mama of 3, Sheila Bella, about recognizing your limitations, picking up the pieces when things fall apart, and finding peace and joy in what you already have. 

Sheila is a celebrity brow artist & beauty business success coach. She is the founder of two 7 Figure Businesses; Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup & Pretty Rich Bosses online academy. She is the host of PRETTY RICH PODCAST, which is a top-rated Beauty Entrepreneurship show on iTunes. She is also the President of the American Academy Of Micropigmentation. 

She is a speaker, social media marketing strategist, wife & #boymom. Her passion is teaching beauty bosses how to be booked out in their salons and how to create wildly profitable online coaching businesses themselves so they can expand their potential beyond the chair and create massive impact from the comfort of their homes.

Some of the topics we dive into:

– What is uncommon optimism? 

– How to build your self-awareness

– Learning to surrender to the flow of life

– When to recognize it’s time to ask for help 

– How to balance motherhood with building and scaling 7-figure businesses

– Bouncing back from sucky and unexpected times

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The episode I recorded with Sheila on her podcast, Pretty Rich Podcast
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