95: The Secrets to Finding Lasting Love with Bela Gandhi from Smart Dating Academy

by neeta bhushan


Alright, Brave Table fam, we’re in peak dating season! If you want to get cuffed up in a meaningful relationship with your future boo, you won’t want to miss this episode. My guest today, Bela Gandhi, always LOVED to date. But for a long time, she wasn’t very good at it. Recognizing she was the common denominator in all her relationships that had gone awry, she took a step back and came up with a dating formula that led her to date her friend of 6 years — now turned husband of 25! 

Bela used this system to help her friends get out of toxic relationships and into happy, healthy ones and become a “personal trainer for people’s love lives”. Bela is celebrated for helping people to overcome old dating patterns, fix their ‘pickers’, and find lasting love! (There have been ZERO divorces among her clients in 13 years!)

Bela is the fairy Godmother of Dating according to Steve Harvey, Kelly Clarkson, GMA, and more. She is the founder of Smart Dating Academy, a dating COACHING service that helps women date smarter and find love and helps them get psychotically optimistic about online dating, meeting people in real life, getting set up, and MORE. They wrap you in bubble wrap during the dating process so you are protected, and have FUN!

Here are all the juicy topics we dive into in this episode…

– What you might be doing wrong in dating 

– How to manifest your dream partner

– The surprising #1 thing women want from men (and why it needs to evolve)

– What are the real red flags of dating and how to identify them 

– The shocking reason why most marriages end in divorce

– Questions to ask yourself about your relationships

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If you loved this episode, be sure to also check out… 

– Bela’s website at https://www.smartdatingacademy.com/ 

– Follow @neetabhushan @thebravetable

– Find her on Instagram at @bela.gandhi


– Bela’s podcast, Smart Dating Academy – The Podcast

– And here’s her TedTalk, The Secret To Lasting Love

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