100: Dismantling The Idea of “Unconventional” & How Your Greatest Obstacles Can Guide You To Your Dream Life with Adrucia Apana

by neeta bhushan


Oh my goodness loves, can you believe it? We’re at episode 100 — and it hasn’t even been a year since The Brave Table launched! I am so grateful for all of you who have joined me on this ride. If you’re still loving the show and haven’t left us a review yet, that would be such a meaningful way to help us celebrate this HUGE milestone. 

 I couldn’t think of a better guest to wrap up the year with — boss babe filmmaker and a true warrior woman, Adhrucia Apana.  Adhrucia has been through her fair share of sucky life moments – from serious injuries to diagnoses that had doctors telling her she’d “never be the same again”. And you know what? That was true, but not in the way they meant it. Despite her setbacks, Adhrucia was able to fly forward past those hardships and embrace her most authentic and aligned path, no matter what anyone else thought of it. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Adhrucia is a Filmmaker and a Founder of the production company Curiosity Entertainment/GP of Curiosity Media Finance. Curiosity is home to the next production from famed television creator Mark Williams (Ozark) and “Funny Girl” written by Anthony McCarten (Theory of Everything, Bohemian Rhapsody) to be directed by Nisha Ganatra (High Note, Late Night). Her creative slate for Curiosity includes projects in conjunction with the Neese Brother’s (The Umbrella Academy), Kevin Fox (Law & Order SVU, Raising Kanan), and a co-production with Alcon Entertainment and Nazrin Choudhary (Fear of the Walking Dead).

Adhrucia’s releases include the EMMY nominated, “The Survivor” starring Ben Foster directed by Barry Levinson, “Capone” starring Tom Hardy, and “Needle in a Timestack” starring Cynthia Ervo, Leslie Odom Jr, Orlando Bloom, and Freida Pinto-directed by John Ridley which she Executive Produced. Adhrucia has worked as an Executive in Film/TV supporting over 30 film and television shows.

Here’s what we cover in this episode…

– Why we need to stop using the term “unconventional” to describe our life path

– How to define your own measures of success

– When major setbacks actually end up being your biggest blessings

– Letting go of the idea of a timeline

– What is the true definition of fear?

– The power of storytelling and inspiration for creators

– And so much more juicy goodness!


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If you loved this episode… 

– Find ​​Adhrucia on Instagram @adhrucia

– Visit her website at https://www.curiosity-entertainment.com/

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