101: Being Brave in Breakups, Listening to Your Intuition, Miscarriages, Somatic Healing, and New Love with Dr. Jen Esquer 

by neeta bhushan


Well loves, we’ve made it to 2023 and we’re starting both the next 100 episodes and the new year off Dr. Jen Esquer (Jen Fit)!

In this episode, Dr. Jen shares about her previous 4.5-year-long relationship, where after learning of her partner’s infidelity, realized that she had not been listening to herself and that the breakup was a personal opening for her.

Dive in and hear Jen talk about how she felt validated after finding out about her partner’s infidelity, waking her up to the fact that she had been ignoring her own needs for a long time. Her intuition had been trying to tell her something was wrong in the relationship for a while, but she didn’t trust it. Follow us along this journey of how she finally realized she needed to choose herself instead of trying to make herself enough for her partner.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • The Impact of Intuition and Trust
  • The Benefits and Risks of Couples Therapy
  • Couples Counseling: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • The Importance of Bodywork in Processing Emotions
  • Somatic Therapy and the Importance of Breath Work
  • The Power of Recognizing Your Worth After a Toxic Relationship
  • The Power of Being Vulnerable in Relationships
  • From Triggers to Triumph in Relationships
  • Pregnancy After Miscarriage
  • Parenthood Journey: What to Expect
  • How to Cope with Miscarriage as a Couple
  • The Power of Bravery: A Conversation with Expecting Parents


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