118: Creating a Life you Love by Design with Carolyn Buck Luce  

by neeta bhushan


Hey, loves! Joining me today is the lovely Carolyn Buck Luce!

“’Epic’ originally meant ‘daring to do’, or ‘daring to be’. When was the first time that you remember picking your head up and realizing there’s a story bigger than your story that you want to be a heroine in?”

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • What it means to create an epic life: daring to do and be
  • Why you should believe in make believe
  • Playing your game vs playing someone else’s
  • Healing from traumatic experiences
  • Creating a life by design

Carolyn Buck Luce is one of America’s most respected and accomplished voices

on Women’s Leadership and their relationship with power. She is the author of

the recently published EPIC! The Women’s Power Play Book, which became an

Amazon best seller in its first week. Carolyn has long been an advocate for

healthcare innovations, cultural inclusivity, and women’s empowerment through

her work with some of the world’s most respected companies like Ernst & Young,

Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, UnitedHealth Group, and GE.

A gifted strategist and executive coach, Carolyn has spent the last four decades of

her career building highly effective cultures, businesses, teams, and leaders in

both the public and private sectors. Today, as an executive coach and keynote speaker, Carolyn uses her proprietary Decade Game® to coach some of the world’s most remarkable women today in business, civic society, and philanthropy to live their purpose and discover their


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Connect with Carolyn:

– Find Carolyn on Instagram @carolynbuckluce

– Get your copy of EPIC! here.

– Check out My Decade Game here.

– Find Carolyn’s TED Talk here.

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