119: Speaking Your Truth and How to Let Go of Resentment with Dr. Neeta Bhushan 

by neeta bhushan


Hey loves! Today’s episode is being brought to you directly by yours truly!

“There’s resentment when we aren’t aligned with our truth – we feel suffocated or suppressed when we can’t speak our truth. This is your opportunity to clear that. Where in your life has resentment held you back? Where are you going today with that? What is it that you need to reconcile with yourself?”

In today’s episode, I talk about:

  • Speaking your truth even when it’s scary
  • Having your courageous conversations through the ‘service’ and ‘love’ filters
  • Why your setbacks aren’t your fault but are your responsibility
  • How to move past resentment so that you can finally heal

Welcome to The Brave Table! I’ve gotta be honest with you love, I just needed a break and reset after 8 months of go go go! I needed space to just breathe, so I took my little ones to Clearwater beach for a few days of crashing waves and sand in the toes. But this came after having difficult conversations in both business and personal life – you know, the scary conversations that are hard to start. So let’s crack that open and talk about how to have your courageous conversations.

Plus, I dive into resentment and why it’s the anchor that grounds us when something goes wrong, but is also the false reassurance that keeps us held back – in the same position at work that you hate, the same toxic relationship  5 years later, etc. This is the rubble in your road that needs to be cleared.

This is a short but powerful episode jam-packed with nuggets that will heal and inspire you. Enjoy!

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