120: Understanding and Conquering Your Fears with Ben Harris  

by neeta bhushan


“Fear reveals where you’re not free. So if you want to be free, and reach your highest potential and truth, go to the fear. You have to be brave.”

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Conquering fear by seeking it out
  • What happens when you do what scares you
  • How fear is the invitation to the next level of your expansion
  • Why following your fear will guide you into your own freedom
  • Integrating the masculine and feminine

Ben Harris is a fear alchemist and intuitive guide. After years of coaching artists, writers, healers, and athletes to break free from their fear to unlock their true potential, he has created a groundbreaking method to help anyone do the same. His new course, Fear Alchemy, takes you on a self-guided journey to identify the root of your fear that’s holding you back and provides you with the tools to liberate yourself from it.

When it comes to transmuting fear, there’s no one better to learn from than Ben. You’ll love this episode and all the juicy nuggets you can take from it. Dive in and enjoy!

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