13: Codie Sanchez: How to Build Unconventional Financial Wealth & Abundance

by neeta bhushan


Hey Brave Table crew – welcome back for another episode. Today I’m sitting down with one of my dear friends and founder of Contrarian Thinking, Codie Sanchez. We’re going to dive into financial freedom, creating abundance, and building wealth through avenues you might have never even thought of. 

Codie and I met during a weekend event and formed a sister bond immediately. We both shared the experience of having lived a super traditional life and longing for something more — something aligned with our soul calling. Both of us navigated first marriages, and divorces- Codie went from a white-picket-fence, country-club, 9-5-office-life to completely disrupting the finance space by breaking it down and making it accessible. She proves that a life of financial freedom is possible for anyone — even when you stray from a conventional life path.

She shares the story of how Emotional Grit, my first book led into sparking her evolution, and how managing your mindset while going through transition will help spearhead your next evolution.

She is the founder of Contrarian Thinking, a media company and newsletter dedicated to talking about money in an honest yet unintimidating way. She also invests in what she refers to as ‘boring businesses’ — we’re talking things like laundromats, car washes, vending machines — industry outsiders that people often overlook and how you can run them to earn passive income.

Loves, how can you start calling in all that juicy abundance that is waiting for you? Without financial freedom, you’ll continue to seek safety in the conventional & traditional. So if there is something you long to do, do it right now; do the thing that lights you up. Because as Codie will let you know, there are so many ways to make money by following your heart. 

Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll get out of this episode:

  • Figuring out your identity and discovering who you are after divorce, when you change careers, and when lose your social circle
  • Democratizing the traditional way of doing business & investing and making it attainable to anyone
  • Viewing every activity you do as a business and how to create a “You” Corp
  • How to create multiple streams of income and generate passive income, and why there’s never been a better time to do so
  • The difference between high-risk and low-risk businesses and how you can slowly begin to build an investment portfolio – even without tons of cash
  • And MUCH more.

Grab your copy of emotional grit here at emotionalgrit.com 

Sign up for Codie’s newsletter at https://contrarianthinking.co/ and follow her on TikTok @realcodiesanchez for the hottest investment and finance tips.

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