131: Defying Odds, Overcoming Fear, and Taking Risks to Thrive and Shine with Geeta Sidhu-Robb

by neeta bhushan


Join us for an inspiring conversation with entrepreneur and activist Geeta Siddhu-Robb! 

In today’s episode we talk about….

  1. Finding strength and resilience in the face of adversity.
  2. Embracing risk and stepping out of comfort zones.
  3. Building an abundance mindset and pursuing personal desires.
  4. Discovering the potential of working from home and becoming an entrepreneur.
  5. Growing up in privilege and the influence of powerful family members.
  6. Navigating loneliness and making life choices in the face of disapproval.

Geeta has faced numerous challenges in her life. After experiencing wealth and success in the property development industry, her world turned upside down when her firm failed, resulting in eviction from her home and the dissolution of her marriage. 

Determined to overcome these adversities, she started teaching yoga and saved diligently to establish her own organic food and juice program delivery business, Nosh Detox. 

Today, Geeta empowers thousands of clients on their health journeys. Geeta’s story exemplifies the power of determination, embracing change, and cultivating an abundance mindset.

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How can you embrace change, overcome challenges, and cultivate a mindset of abundance in your own life?

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