130: The Power of Living Out Loud: Thrive Through Authenticity and Wholeness with Vasavi Kumar 

by neeta bhushan


Today, I’m joined by the lovely Vasavi! Enjoy!

“Once you clear away your sh*t and you know who the F you are, you can now pay that forward to another person. I want people to clear themselves out, courageously pursue their dream, be the dream, live the dream, then help somebody else. What’s the point of all this work if you’re not going back to help those people?”

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Healing from harsh parenting
  • How you talk to yourself matters
  • It’s about how you say it, not what you say
  • The first 2 steps to take to really lead your life
  • Why you should live your life out loud and what that means
  • And so much more!

When I think about the ultimate reinvention queen, going from the conventional to completely UNconventional, I think of today’s guest, Vasavi Kumar. 

Vasavi has lived many lives. She grew up a first-generation Indian immigrant in a household with strict rules that expected her to follow a conservative life path like her parents (her mother was a cardiologist; her father an accountant).  

She tried it out for a while, going to an Ivy League school, getting married to a traditional and conventional Hindu man, and becoming a therapist—all the South Asian ‘good girl’ checks. But ultimately, Vasavi was a brown sheep, and never did things just because. From a young age, she wouldn’t take no for an answer, and was always asking the question—why?

As she began asking herself why and questioning her own life—her marriage, her career, her likes and dislikes—everything changed. Following a divorce after 4 years of marriage, changing careers, a battle with drugs and alcohol, and refusing to be her family’s scapegoat, Vasavi stepped into her power and became the impactful coach she is today (and a chef, and a stand-up comedian—she’s seriously dabbled in it all!)

As unique as her name, the cure for the common existence is Vasavi’s inspiration. You are her mission. Let intrigue and passion meet you with a side dish of humor and intelligence in this powerful + juicy episode.

She is one of my dearest girlfriends and I’m so glad that you get to experience her again! Dive in and enjoy!

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