134: How To Navigate the Journey to Success & Reconcile Challenging Emotions with Laura Gassner Otting

by neeta bhushan


Enjoy today’s thought-provoking conversation with the remarkable Laura Gassner Otting! We dive deep into the realms of ambition, balance, and the emotional journey of success.

In this episode we explore….

  • the art of alchemizing moments of success
  • how to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies them
  • insights on stepping outside one’s comfort zone and defying expectations
  • the transformative power of embracing the challenging period that often follows a moment of triumph

Drawing from her own experiences, Laura takes us on an adventure through metaphorical locations like Impostor Town, Doubtsville, and Burnout City, shedding light on how to navigate and reconcile success with the complex emotions it can evoke.

A frequent contributor to Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, Harvard Business Review, and Oprah Daily, Laura is the Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of three books, Wonderhell, Limitless, and Mission-Driven.

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How are your triumphs helping you to gain a deeper understanding of your capabilities? How are you discovering how each success leads to a new layer of growth?

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