135: Creating Better Conditions for Personal and Collective Growth Through Storytelling with Marquise Stillwell

by neeta bhushan


In this captivating episode of The Brave Table podcast, I am thrilled to engage in a deep and meaningful conversation with my dear friend, Marquise Stillwell.

In this episode we have a brave conversation about….

  • Unveiling the power of flexibility in building a thriving business venture.
  • Understanding the value of authentic relationships in enriching one’s life.
  • Gaining insights into the practice of self-reflection for continuous personal improvement.
  • Grasping the art of cultivating a positive environment for everyone around you.
  • Embracing the need to provide a platform for underrepresented individuals and ideas.

Marquise Stillwell is a designer and a catalyst for building communities and products across design, art, and culture. His career spans across two decades, and his curiosity for people and spaces developed into a passion for designing systems to make environments better for all people. 

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Connect with Marquise:

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How does the balance of individuality and understanding contribute to success in various aspects of your life?

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