139: From Harvard & Golden Sachs to South Asian Storytelling with Nora Ali

by neeta bhushan


You’re going to enjoy this conversation with creative powerhouse, Nora Ali, and the invaluable insights that she shares! Let’s get into it!

In this episode, we talk about….

  • Discovering the value of learning along the way during an entrepreneurial journey.
  • Challenging the status quo in entertainment to garner trust and success within the industry.
  • Leveraging expertise and networks to be surrounded by knowledgeable individuals.

Nora Ali is the CEO & Co-Founder of new entertainment company Mason Media. She started her career by advising institutional investors on equity investments and IPOs, as an Asian Equities Associate at Goldman Sachs. As a child of Bangladeshi immigrants, Nora is passionate about elevating historically excluded voices and telling the stories of those who feel like “outsiders.” 

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What valuable lessons have you learned along the way throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

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