141: Building Wealth and Overcoming Money Mindset Barriers through Real Estate Investing with Tamar Hermes

by neeta bhushan


I’m SO EXCITED to introduce you to Tamar Hermes, an expert in real estate investing and financial abundance. 

In this episode, we talk about….

  • Strategies for women to overcome societal barriers and achieve sustainable financial independence.
  • Understanding the different types of real estate investments and risk mitigation.
  • The importance of education and mindset in building wealth and overcoming money-related barriers.

While growing successful businesses in the retail and entertainment industries, Tamar built her portfolio with no prior knowledge or training.  Today, she is a full-time real estate investor, coach, author, and founder of the Wealth Building Concierge. 

Tamar supports women across the country to lose the overwhelm and fear around real estate investing and achieve their financial goals. Take her example, learn how and where to invest your money and grow your wealth!

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Connect with Tamar:

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What steps can you take to overcome your own limiting beliefs and fears surrounding money, and how can that contribute to your journey towards financial abundance and investment success?

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