142: How to Begin Your Healing Journey with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

by neeta bhushan


Today, love, I’m inviting you to reconnect with joyful childhood activities and experience the flow state that’s been waiting for you.

In this episode, I talk about….

  • Taking small, consistent steps to fully own the process of self-discovery that is the healing journey.
  • Finding purpose and passion by using painful lived experiences as medicine.
  • Embracing the feeling of being in the present moment regardless of the circumstances.

There are so many reasons that lead us into the self-reflective practice of healing. A breakup. A setback. A challenge. What’s important at the onset is to recognize and embrace the hard moments in life. In this episode, I offer a comprehensive resource aimed at mastering emotions, releasing past traumas, and healing relationships. Are to drop into your heart and you ready to start your journey within? Let’s begin!

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Reflecting on your own life, what are some hard moments you’ve experienced and how have you allowed yourself to heal and grow from them?

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