143: Braving the Stage: How To Do a TedTalk That Will Change Your Career Forever with Ashley Stahl

by neeta bhushan


I’m THRILLED to welcome back my friend, Ashley Stahl, onto The Brave Table. This juicy conversation explores the value of storytelling. If you’ve been thinking about sharing an authentic story on the TEDx stage, then here’s your chance to get inspired!

In this episode, we talk about….

  • Presenting stories in a way that resonates with others’ experiences and creates  lasting impact.
  • Crafting powerful speeches by identifying significant life events to refine storytelling and delivery.
  • Maintaining audience engagement by structuring a speech effectively through the use of signposts.

Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned career and public speaking coach, podcast host, and international bestselling author passionate about helping others make what she likes to call a “YOU Turn,” where they discover their truest selves, attune to their intuition and unlock greater clarity and fulfillment. Her self-development show, The You Turn Podcast, is ranked amongst the top 100 mental health shows in the United States.

With more than 8 million views, her second TEDxTalk is ranked amongst the top 100 TEDxTalks on the Internet. Her first TEDxTalk launched her speechwriting and private coaching, which has helped more than 40 storytellers book a spot on the TEDx stage. Her message is this: don’t do what you love, do what you ARE.

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What is one significant life event or experience that you believe has the potential to become a powerful story worth sharing?

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