149: Emotional Hygiene: How to Repair & Be with Your Emotions When They Get Out of Control with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

by neeta bhushan


This episode was so much fun to record! Who’d have thought that there would be parallels between my past and present career choices? I wouldn’t have! Not in a million years…  

In this episode, I talk about…

  • Reparenting yourself and embracing emotions as valuable signals.
  • Regulating emotional expression, curbing emotional dumping and releasing challenging emotions in safe and supportive environments.
  • Identifying coping mechanisms based on past experiences and implementing actionable emotional hygiene tools and strategies.

As a cosmetic dentist I emphasized regular oral hygiene to my patients. Now, as an author, coach, podcast host, and speaker I emphasize routine emotional hygiene–the ability to regulate emotions effectively. Do you know when and how to express your emotions appropriately, especially when in conflict with others? You may be inclined to say “yes” but even the most masterful of us can use a check up. This episode is yours!

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Discussion Question: 

How can paying attention to your emotional well-being and understanding your emotional patterns help you manage strong emotions better and improve your relationships with others?

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