150: Embodying the Life You Want to Live with Roxanne Saffaie

by neeta bhushan


Alright, buckle up, folks! Because in this episode, yours truly, Dr. Neeta Bhushan, dives deep into a kick-ass conversation with the fabulous Roxy Saffaie, the mastermind behind Black Belt Beauty. 

Our courageous conversation about getting real with yourself is going to rock your world! Oh, and you’re going to enjoy the story behind Black Belt Beauty – it’s all about living life from your highest expression, baby!

Roxy drops some truth bombs on us, reminding us that being authentic takes guts, but it’s the key to living a fierce, empowered life! So, if you’re ready to spice up your self-love game and unleash your authentic self, stay tuned! Trust me, it’s gonna be one helluva ride!

In this episode, I talk about…

  • Debunking the need to seek validation, loving yourself first by looking within.
  • Journaling as a daily wellness practice, creating an environment for self-expression and self-discovery.
  • Embracing courage and strength, creating a powerful and loving relationship with yourself.


ROXANNE SAFFAIE, is a Self-Mastery & Personal Empowerment Writer, Speaker + Mentor. She is the founder + host of the BlackBeltBeauty™ Radio podcast. 

Roxanne’s unique voice as thought leader in the Personal Empowerment space inspires and leads women to boldly express their ultimate potential & to live from a capable mindset that is fortified through Self-Development, Mindfulness & Integrative Health practices. 

Roxanne’s unwavering passion empowers women around the world to continuously RISE & to THRIVE in their lives from their most Authentic Self. She leads women to live a Self-Actualizing life through her philosophy: “You Are The Life You Are Living.”- xRx

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Discussion Question:

What daily practices have you adopted to strengthen your relationship with yourself and live boldly from our heart?

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