152: Unleashing Your Authentic Voice, Navigating Creative Expression & Courageous Conversations at Any Age with Amy Edwards

by neeta bhushan


Get ready to turn up the heat because my guest today is none other than the rockstar herself, Amy Edwards! She’s a podcast host, transformational speaker, musical genius, and all-around self-expression advocate. 

We really get into Amy’s fascinating journey of self-discovery, from joining a band in her 40s to starting a podcast amidst tumultuous relationships–like a boss! We talk about speaking up to let our emotions out, and even tackle the wild journey of parenting teenagers—you better believe I took notes during this part! 

Amy’s no-filter anecdotes will inspire you to share your own voice. Enjoy her spicy, unfiltered wisdom–I know I did!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Connecting with your voice to communicate openly and unconventionally.
  • Overcoming fear to resolve conflict with others through courageous conversations.
  • Embracing radical honesty to address challenging topics with teenagers.


Amy Edwards, 50, is the host of The Amy Edwards Show, a podcast to help others transform their life and become their best, most epic version through more efficient and effective habits, mindset shifts, and radical honesty. Amy has recorded and released 5 albums as a solo rock and roll artist in her forties, is the author of two books, is a voice artist with a 30+ year on-air radio background, a reiki master, and mom to two teenage girls. 

No stranger to life experience, Amy has lifted herself up after two divorces, depression, rumination, and more, to continue shining brighter with every candle on her cake. She shares candidly and openly, and believes in using her voice to further connect and empower us all! Amy is the creator and founder of BestYOU, providing simplified systems to help anyone step into an ageless mindset and more youthful glow. 

With her two latest courses, “The Ageless Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Look Younger + Feel Happier” and “The Youthfulness Hack: The Secret System to Reverse Aging and Create a New, Radiant You,” Amy continues to stoke the fire of transformation that is her purpose in life.  

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Connect with Amy:

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Discussion Question:

How can you tap into your creative side to find your true voice and use it confidently when facing challenging conversations?

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