153: Navigating Trauma, Healing through Generations, and Daring to Be Brave with Tiffany Persons

by neeta bhushan


Quote: “So, where I am right now, I’m in the middle of a riddle..I’m in the middle of a riddle. I’m in this space of everything I know to be.” – Tiffany Persons

Imagine your life taking an unexpected twist after becoming a mother figure to your sibling’s four teenagers, then unpacking the effects of generational trauma within your new family dynamic. Sounds like the plot of a movie right? Well, it’s the real story of Hollywood casting director, Tiffany Persons. And, you’re going to hear all of the details on The Brave Table!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Recognizing generational patterns and parenting teens through the lens of trauma.
  • Launching a non-profit and transforming challenges into platforms for growth.
  • Cultivating connections through conversation and focusing on relationships as catalysts for personal and societal change.


A heart centric multi-hyphenate, Tiffany is a film producer, Founder of Tiffany Company Casting, as well as the first appointee to Director of Empathy for David and Goliath’s Advertising Agency. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of a highly respected non-profit organization, Shine On Sierra Leone, which provides educational programs and food and wellness services to children.

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Discussion Question:

How can fostering authentic connections within our communities help break the cycle of generational trauma and promote healing for individuals and families?


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