165: Believing in Yourself, Creating a Personal Brand, & Reinvention with Allison Walsh

by neeta bhushan


Quote: “I don’t want anybody to feel like they can’t reinvent themselves or they can’t start over because it’s 100% possible.”
– Allison Walsh

Our guest, author and entrepreneur Allison Walsh, triumphantly returns to The Brave Table. You’ll definitely want to listen to her previous episode (linked below)!  This second time around, Allison discusses how she embarked on the path of self-belief, which led her to write her book, She Believed She Could. She shares insights on personal branding and the importance of setting boundaries in the digital age. Allison’s passion for philanthropy shines as she talks about the She Believed She Could Foundation and her mission to empower young women. This episode will leave you believing in yourself, embracing renewal, and wanting to leave a lasting legacy. Press play!

In this episode we talk about…

  • Setting clear boundaries in personal branding, deciding what to share and what to keep private, especially in the digital world.
  • Leaving behind a legacy through writing for our children and future generations.
  • Providing equitable access to personal and professional development for young women.
  • Taking one step at a time and believing in the power of small actions to create a significant impact.


Allison Walsh is a seasoned executive, philanthropist, speaker, professional consultant,and Miss Florida 2006. With over 15 years of experience in organizational leadership, success coaching, brand building, and business development, Allison’s platform strengthens the professional development of today and tomorrow’s most successful leaders. As a certified positive psychology coach, her passion and expertise lie in helping women build their personal brands and businesses so they can live their most authentic and successful life.

Allison is the author of multiple published workbooks on personal and professional development. and the creator of The She Believed She Could Society, an online community and coaching experience designed to empower, support, and equip women with business and brand-building resources and training. Dedicated to illuminating the experience of impactful women, Allison is also the creator and host of The She Believed She Could Podcast, and co-host of Dear Mind, You Matter, both of which are available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Spotify, and YouTube.

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Discussion Question:

How can you embrace renewal in your life and start taking steps towards leaving a meaningful legacy?

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