172: Healing Masculinity, Sexual Liberation, and Family Reconciliation with Tantra from VICE star Shaft Uddin

by neeta bhushan


Quote: “There is so little education around sexual wellness, sexual education. No one really knows how to say no when it comes to… some kind of intimacy; but also, no one really knows how to say yes.”
– Shaft Uddin

I met our next guest, Shaft Uddin, at a global event. He had so much taboo knowledge to share during our juicy chat. You see…Shaft is a tantra practitioner and healer. During our conversation, he introduces some eye-opening topics. So, this episode definitely is NSFK (not safe for kids) or NSFW (not safe for work). 

We’ll touch on everything from sexual healing and liberation to making peace with family and embracing masculinity through appreciation of the feminine. Shaft even explains why understanding and healing our bodies, particularly through sacred sexuality, is so crucial. And, of course, he gets personal and tells ALL about his own journey.

In this episode we talk about…

  • Struggling with his masculinity as a result of a challenging relationship with his father.
  • Reconciliation with his parents and facilitating healing for himself, his father, and the entire family unit.
  • The fundamentals of tantra and how it relates to sexual liberation, pleasure, and healing.
  • The courage and bravery required to break free from societal norms and judgments in pursuit of one’s authentic self.


As a young adult, Shaft Uddin’s life was one of hedonism and excess. He went from being the son of a working-class immigrant, to being a super-successful Art Director in advertising, working for some of the biggest brands on the planet: A classic rags-to-riches story.

And yet, Shaft was living a double life fuelled by alcohol and drug addiction. He was the picture of success, but beneath the surface he suffered from repeated broken relationships, depression and self-hatred. It wasn’t until Shaft had several near-death experiences and alienated most of his friends, that he realized things had to change.

Intuitively, Shaft turned to alternative therapies, meditation, plant medicines and tantra. In under two years, he was free of my addictions and had learned the power of self-love. Dedicated to helping people reconnect with their hearts and find deeper connections, productivity in the workplace, and more meaningful relationships, Shaft serves as a trauma release therapist, tantric practitioner, coach, and speaker.

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Discussion Question:

How can we overcome societal taboos and judgments surrounding topics like sexuality to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives?
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