173: How to Embrace Your Emotions Like a boss

by neeta bhushan


You are in for a treat friends, we are spilling the tea on all things emotions, and how to handle them like the bossbabe queen and mama you are! 


In this episode, we delve into the art of embracing our emotions, especially during the holiday season when gatherings with family and friends can trigger strong feelings and reactions. We discuss the importance of acknowledging and processing our emotions rather than intellectualizing or bypassing them. This episode introduces five key strategies that have helped me navigate through my emotions, such as allowing time for intentional feeling, using practices like Breathwork and boxing to release pent-up emotions, and practicing self-nourishment to soften the nervous system. 

In this episode I talk about…

  • Acknowledging and processing emotions during the holiday season
  • The importance of feeling emotions rather than intellectualizing them
  • The concept that the only way out is through, and the dangers of emotional suppression
  • Using intentional practices like Breathwork, boxing, and dancing to release emotions
  • Self-nourishment and softening the nervous system to build emotional resilience

Discussion Question:

How do you usually cope with intense emotions during holiday gatherings or stressful situations, and what  strategies for embracing emotions would be helpful for you?

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