181: Protecting your energy, & reading energy in others w/ Dr. Neeta Bhushan

by neeta bhushan


Quote: “​​I know for a lot of mamas, we want to do all of the things for our kiddos. We want to have and do all the best celebrations for them. And honestly, it’s kind of at the expense of ourselves.”

Hey, loves! In today’s episode of the Brave Table, we talk about protecting one’s energy, especially during the festive season. As mothers, we often find ourselves over-committed and overwhelmed with holiday preparations. Listen in as I spill the tea on how to actually protect your energy –  including the freedom to change plans, keeping spaces untidy if needed, and avoiding unnecessary comparisons. Join me as we touch more upon self-awareness of triggers, compassion in interpreting others’ actions, and considering the unseen struggles people might be facing. 

In this episode I talk about…

  • Freedom to change plans: changing plans or canceling commitments last minute; exercising the concept of “ultra-canceling” to avoid overcommitting.
  • Avoiding comparisons by resisting the pressure of societal norms and focusing  on what feels right for you and your family to protect your energy.
  • Choosing events wisely and avoiding events or gatherings that don’t align with your energy
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Discussion Question:

How do you balance holiday expectations for others and prioritize your well-being? 

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